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Fitting Your Braces

Fitting Your Braces

1st Appointment - Preparation Appointment

Our therapist takes a series of digital photos, and virtual impressions of your teeth using a high tech 3d scanner that produces virtual models without the need for the yellow goo. Then separating rings are placed between the back teeth to space them apart. Generally the back teeth are in contact and need to be spaced in order to fit metal bands around these teeth. Finally we give the teeth a clean before applying a fluoride treatment to make the enamel as strong as possible before the braces are fitted. This takes approximately 40 – 50 minutes.

2nd Appointment - Fitting of Braces, 5-7 days later

We remove the separators, give the teeth a special polish, and choose some metal bands to fit the molar teeth. Then we place a retractor in your mouth to hold your lips and cheeks out of the way, before applying a special tooth conditioner.

Braces attachment...

The orthodontist then places the brackets carefully on to the teeth, and cements the bands in place, before attaching the arch wires using the coloured "O" rings. Then we show you how to care for and clean your braces. This takes approx. 10 minutes, and is very important, so pay lots of attention. This takes approximately one hour to complete.

3rd Appointment – Tooth brushing Check - 4 weeks later

Our therapist will check your cleaning and show you any areas you may be missing. Then they will change the o-rings by removing the old ones and placing new ones on which will feel tighter. This is when you can have a change of colour.

This takes approximately 10 minutes. The orthodontist will check your treatment progress every 5-6 weeks and your brushing and we will adjust your braces as necessary.

Series of appointments...

As you can see, we require a precise sequence of appointments to maintain your successful orthodontic treatment. Any changes to appointment times may cause a disruption or delay in treatment. Please let us know immediately if you need to reschedule.

If part of your braces is broken or loose please contact us as soon as possible so we can rectify the problem and you can continue your orthodontic journey.