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Traditional braces are used to correct overcrowded, crooked teeth as well as a misaligned bite. These dental problems can have adverse effects on the jaw and lead to problems with speech, eating, and uneven wearing on teeth.

Metal braces

Traditional braces are made up of a series of metal brackets attached to each individual tooth by dental glue for the duration of the orthodontic treatment. A series of archwires run along the attached brackets which apply a gentle pressure to the teeth moving them into the desired position. Elastic o-shaped rubber bands, called “O” rings, are used to hold the arch wires onto the metal brackets. The archwire will be ‘tightened’ each time you come in for a check-up as your teeth gradually move into place. Tightening is necessary to continue movement.

Benefits of braces

Traditional braces are used for even the most severe cases of malocclusion or difficult crookedness such as teeth erupting high in the gum line or with overlapping teeth. With regular changes of the arch wires your orthodontic specialist from Greater Springfield Orthodontics will be able to bring even the most severe cases into alignment.

When used in conjunction with elastics, braces can correct overbites and underbites. Elastics place an extra pressure on a single tooth or multiple teeth to move the tooth or bite into position. For more information on the use of elastics click here.

Metal braces are the tried and tested design for orthodontic treatments.  In many cases, they are the most efficient and cost-effective orthodontic treatment option.

Personalised colours

As metal braces require “O” rings along the arch wires, patients are able to choose from the huge range of coloured elastics to customise the colour of their braces each time they come in for an adjustment. This feature makes traditional braces very popular for children and early teens.

Braces for teens

The teen years are the ideal time to receive braces. Teens have generally lost all of their baby teeth; this means there is a decreased risk of any natural changes in the teeth positioning occurring after orthodontic treatment. Teens mouths are also generally still developing which can assist in the process of moving teeth around.

However, it is important to note that you are never too old to receive orthodontic treatment. At Greater Springfield orthodontics we are passionate about transforming the smiles of all patients – no matter their age.  We offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments to ensure each patient receives the treatment that is right for them.

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Braces Springfield

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