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Clear Aligners are becoming increasingly popular due to its virtually invisible nature, allowing patients to carry on their regular lifestyle whilst receiving the orthodontic treatment they desire.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligner treatment consists of a series of custom-made, nearly invisible and removable aligners that you change every two weeks, in preparation for the following set.

The aligners are made with special technology that creates an individually designed set moulded to your teeth’s shape. Your teeth will gradually move each week from the constant pressure and a new set will be provided every two weeks to keep up with the changes.

The aligners are attached to attachments, tooth coloured bumps placed on the teeth to help the aligners hold on to the teeth and move them more accurately. They will have identifying marks a U for upper and an L for lower to make it easier to insert.

Clear Aligners before and after virtual plan

A virtual treatment plan will be generated using SureSmile Technology. This allows you to see end results of your smile before treatment commences. The advanced technology will even be able to show you a series of movements of your teeth. So you can see the expected gradual movement over the course of the treatment.

Benefits of Clear Aligners:

  • Clear – no one will detect you are undergoing treatment;
  • Removable – eat, drink and maintain perfect oral hygiene during treatment;
  • Comfortable, no metal wires and brackets to obstruct your smile;
  • Effective, see your smile transform.

The Clear Aligner process

1st Appointment - Preparation Appointment

The therapist will take treatment records (digital photographs, virtual study models). This will take approximately 40 minutes.

2rd Appointment - Discussion Appointment

A further consultation with the orthodontist is required to confirm the Invisalign treatment plan. Once you and the orthodontist have confirmed the treatment plan, Invisalign will start to mould the aligners. This will take approximately 20 minutes.

3rd Appointment - Fitting of the aligners

The therapist will explain the procedure for fitting the appliances and will then apply preparation treatments to your teeth. The orthodontist will then place attachments and fit the first set of aligners.


When the orthodontist has completed treatment the therapist will give you an Invisalign pack and an information sheet. The therapist will also give you further instructions regarding oral hygiene, the care of your aligners, how to insert and remove them, and the duration of wear for each set of aligners, as well as when to change them. This will take approximately 30 minutes.

Regular check-ups

The 1st aligner check-up will be approximately 4 weeks into your treatment and subsequent appointments will occur every 4 or 8 weeks. The orthodontist will check your aligners and make any adjustments necessary and will issue your next 3-4 sets of aligners. In certain cases, shaving or polishing in between the teeth will be required to make room for the teeth to move and straighten them. The orthodontist will inform you if and when this will be required.

Living with Clear Aligners

When inserting your aligners, gently place the aligner over the front teeth. Apply pressure with the fingertips to the tops of the back teeth until the aligner snaps into place.

To remove the aligners, use your thumb and index finger starting at the back, remove at the back.

Aligners are to be worn full time. If they are not worn full time the treatment will not work. It is best to only remove your aligners when playing sport, eating and when maintaining oral hygiene. Drinking water with the aligners in place is fine. Avoid drinking hot drinks like tea or coffee as this may distort and/or discolour the aligner. When eating always put your aligners in their box for protection.

Keep your previously used aligners. If something happens to your current set then you can quickly access your previous aligners so that your treatment progress is not entirely lost. Contact your orthodontist immediately if this happens.

It is important to maintain a high level of oral hygiene during treatment; regular tooth brushing and flossing is essential.

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