Orthodontic Emergencies Brisbane QLD

When damage occurs to your braces it can be difficult to tell whether you should make another appointment or simply wait until your next appointment, particularly because there are so many already. Follow these simple instructions to determine what an orthodontic emergency is and what can be left until next time.

Broken bracket

A broken bracket is when the metal (or clear) square is no longer glued onto the tooth. This will need to be fixed as soon as possible. The bracket is necessary for the application of pressure which moves teeth. Without it, the tooth will not experience any pressure and the surrounding teeth are likely to experience a skewed pressure. This could extend treatment time if left for too long. If you have experienced a broken bracket please phone us at your convenience to arrange a repair visit. Even if you have an appointment in the next few days it is best to call and tell us the problem, if you have an after school appointment we may not have time to do the repair and you will be given another appointment.

Lost O-Ring

A lost O-ring is when a coloured ring is missing from around the bracket. If you have felt a sudden release of pressure or a pop, it is likely that you have lost an O-ring. If this happens you will need to schedule an appointment to get it replaced as soon as possible. O-rings hold the archwire in place and missing even one will reduce the pressure and subsequently the effectiveness of the treatment.

Loose band

A loose band is when the metal ring around your teeth may be moving up or down and is no longer cemented onto your tooth. If you are experiencing this, please phone us at your convenience to arrange a repair visit.

Wire poke

Sometimes wires from the brackets or arch wire can poke out, pushing into gums or cheeks. This can be fixed by a quick trim by your orthodontist. However, this can be quite uncomfortable while waiting for your appointment. Cover the sharp end with a tissue, some wax or gum, and ring us as soon as possible.

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Orthodontic emergencies Brisbane

If you are experiencing an orthodontic emergency or something odd is happening with your braces, do not hesitate to call us to make an appointment. Leaving it until your next appointment may cause extended treatment time so it is important to call as soon as you notice your emergency.

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