Orthodontics Technology Brisbane QLD

At Greater Springfield Orthodontics, we are proud to offer the latest specialist technology to our patients. Our treatments combine the skill of doctors with the latest technology and superior patient care to provide all patients, adults and children, with the best orthodontic experience possible. We care about your smile and are committed to utilising modern technology to help you receive the smile you’ve been dreaming of the fastest and safest way possible.


SureSmile utilises 3D modelling and superior software to help orthodontists visualise the patient’s entire mouth before receiving braces. The software is able to accurately plot the best arch wire bends and the SureSmie robotic system creates custom made arch wires for patient’s orthodontic appliances. This technology helps us to make sure each set of braces is functioning in a precise and efficient manner. This makes entre treatment time quicker, meaning less time in braces and fewer check-ups overall.

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Cadent iTero

An accurate impression is fundamental to a successful outcome in orthodontics. iTero uses light scanning technology to produce an accurate 3D image. It is cleaner, quicker and more accurate than alignate impressions (moulds) and works particularly well with Invisalign. The use of iTero means you will be able to actually see the 3D image appear on the screen as we do the scan. There is no longer need for uncomfortable moulds or the wait time for them to be sent away. iTero provides an easier, more comfortable patient experience.

Carestream 9000C

The Carestream 9000C Imaging System captures superior panoramic X-Ray images quickly and easily and boasts the highest resolution which is ideal for orthodontic evaluations. High-quality images appear instantly which eliminates the need to go elsewhere for X-Rays as you get a complete evaluation in one consultation. Additionally, the Carestream 9000C offers the lowest radiation exposure to measure the jaw, bones and teeth and ensure patient safety.

Orthodontics Technology Brisbane

If you would like to find out more about the state-of-the-art technology available at Greater Springfield Orthodontics and how it can help you achieve the smile of your dreams contact us today. The friendly staff will be able to set you up with an orthodontic assessment without a referral so simply call now for you appointment.

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