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Timing is everything! We recommend consulting a specialised orthodontist before your child is 8 to have an in-depth assessment of the growth development and potential orthodontic problems.

Today’s children have the opportunity to maintain a healthy smile for life. With the knowledge we have on oral health and early intervention, you can ensure that your child has a beautiful smile for life.

By the age of 7, most children have a mix of baby and adult teeth and therefore may benefit from early orthodontic evaluation. Additionally, children may experience missing teeth, crowding, jaw growth issues, protruding teeth and orthodontic issues caused by thumb or finger sucking and poor dental hygiene.

While regular dental check-ups are fundamental to good oral health, orthodontists are specialists who are trained to identify early problems associated with emerging teeth. At Greater Springfield Orthodontics, our specialists place an emphasis on early orthodontic intervention to correct teeth and jaws before they become a serious issue and more difficult to correct in the future. We understand that the earlier an orthodontic problem is detected, the easier it is to correct.

Benefits of early treatment

If a problem is detected by one of our specialists, Greater Springfield Orthodontics is able to set up a treatment plan that will begin correction as early as possible. We offer expansion and growth appliances to ensure we are able to treat many issues before malocclusion sets in.

Early intervention can re-establish healthy breathing patterns and encourage subsequent facial growth in a more natural and aesthetic way.

Beginning treatment as early as possible will potentially simplify the orthodontic work your child may need when older. This results in less time in treatment when a teenager or adult, when personal image starts to become more important. Sometimes early treatment can even prevent the need for later treatment altogether, or even prevent the need for jaw surgery in adulthood.

Removable appliances

At Greater Springfield Orthodontics, we offer a range of appliances as a part of our early treatment. For more information about our appliances click here.

Preventive orthodontics Brisbane

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