Braces Removal Brisbane QLD

1st Appointment – Deband

Our therapist will remove the bands, brackets and archwires from the teeth. She will then remove any excess cement, leaving them feeling very smooth and shiny. Your teeth will be given a very thorough polish. Impressions are taken to construct your retainers. If you need a mouth guard for playing contact sport an extra impression can be taken at this time. The orthodontist will choose the most appropriate retainers for your teeth.

Appointment duration: 30-40 minutes approx.

2nd Appointment – Inserting Retainers – 2 days later

We will place the retainers in your mouth and check that they are fitting correctly, adjusting as required and then show you how to take the retainers in and out before giving instructions on how to care for your retainers. Long term retainer wear is the only way to ensure your teeth remain in position. If you asked for a mouthguard to be made you will also be fitted with your mouthguard at this appointment.

Appointment duration: 10-20 minutes approx.

3rd Appointment – Check Retainers – 8 weeks later

You must bring your retainers to every follow-up appointment. The orthodontist will check that your retainers are holding the teeth in position and adjust them if necessary. The orthodontist will then instruct you how much your retainers need to be worn.

Appointment duration: 5-10 minutes approx.

Things to be aware of

Discomfort may be felt for a couple of days after your appliance is fitted. Paracetamol will help relieve this. Your speech may sound awkward at first. Don’t panic! Just practice reading aloud and your speech will return to normal. You may have more saliva in your mouth than normal, this will stop as you become used to your retainer.

Wear your retainer as much as instructed, non-compliance will mean your teeth are likely to move out of place and you may be required to wear braces again in the future to correct the issues. When your retainer is out of your mouth keep it in your special container, never wrap it in a napkin, put in your pocket or leave it out for curious pets and children. You don’t want to lose or break it!

Under no circumstances should you adjust your retainer yourself. If it does become loose please call us for an appointment and we will do it for you.

As you can see, we require a precise sequence of appointments to manufacture your retainers. Any changes to appointment times may cause disruption or delay in treatment. Please let us know immediately if you need to reschedule.

Braces removal Brisbane

If you have any concerns after your braces removal or are finding some problems with your new retainer please contact the practice as soon as possible. We will be able to advise you on whether you need to schedule an appointment or whether your concern is a normal occurrence.

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