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While orthodontists have been delivering great smiles for over a century, traditional braces typically involve manual adjustments delivered over many appointments. Patients have come to know this as ‘tightening’ of their braces. SureSmile is reinventing the entire orthodontic treatment process, utilising cutting edge technology to reduce treatment time and the amount of adjusting necessary.

What is SureSmile?

SureSmile uses cutting edge technology to deliver the best smiles, in less time. The software combines the skill of orthodontists with 3D technology to create 3D models of each patient’s teeth. This allows the doctor to visualise the teeth from all angles and plan the best course of treatment.

Specialised SureSmile software allows the specialist orthodontist to plot the ideal treatment path. It then creates plans for specialised wire arches with the specific wire bends needed for each individual patient arch. SureSmile robots then produce these wires according to the specific software instructions. This is far more precise than manual wire bending done by the orthodontist at each ‘tightening’ appointment.

Benefits of SureSmile


  • Customisation. SureSmile ensures your braces are designed specifically for your needs so that you get the results that you want in the shortest possible time
  • Comfort. The wires are manufactured from a space-age material and precisely bent by a robot for your individual teeth to make it more comfortable for you
  • Speed. Treatment is up to 30% quicker and more effective
  • Convenience. Less time in braces and fewer visits
  • Results. SureSmile’s 3D software programme means you can see what your new teeth will look like on a computer screen

SureSmile Brisbane

Don’t waste your time with manual orthodontic treatments, contact Greater Springfield Orthodontics today to make use of the cutting edge technology SueSmile and cut your treatment time by a third.

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