Transfer Policy

Occasionally patients need their treatment to be continued by another orthodontist, most frequently because of sudden employment changes or moving interstate. We are happy to facilitate transfer to another orthodontist as below.

The normal transfer fee for preparing a report, copies of radiographs, photographs and diagnostic casts is $125.00 plus GST.

Removable appliances

The original fees quoted are based on 30% of the fee for the manufacture of the appliance paid on the date of commencement, followed by two monthly payments of the balance.

If transferring after this period, no part of the fee is refundable.

Fixed appliances

The original fees quoted are based 30% of the total fee at banding 60% fixed adjustments (12 months = 5 % per month). As well as 10% for deband and retention.

All monies owed to us to be paid prior to departure.

It is the responsibility of the new orthodontist to provide a quotation to the family for the continuation and completion of the patient’s orthodontic care. It is preferable that the calculated rebate be given to the family rather than to the new orthodontist.

Please note – treatment systems and fees vary greatly across Australia and internationally, there is no guarantee that our quote will be similar to another orthodontist interstate or overseas.

Do you need to transfer to another orthodontist?

If your circumstances have changed and you need to transfer to another orthodontist call us to talk through your options. If you need help finding an orthodontist interstate, we will have some recommendations available for you.

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