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Fast Track your way to a beautiful smile at Greater Springfield Orthodontics –sometimes in as little as six months!

What is Fast Track?

Not everyone has the time or money to spend on achieving straight teeth, so we have introduced Fast Track to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Fast Track is a fixed braces appliance aimed at delivering a significant improvement in dental alignment in a defined time frame (usually six to nine months).

Who is suitable for Fast Track?

Every patient is different, and their individual needs require individual treatment plans. We understand that not everyone wants to commit to long-term orthodontic treatments, and Fast Track may be an option for these patients. The best way to find out if you are suitable for this kind of treatment is to book a consultation with our specialist orthodontists. We cannot make any recommendations without looking at your specific smile.

However, there are some indicators to look out for regarding suitability. Fast Track can be used for adult or adolescent patients who have mild to moderate alignment issues affecting a limited number of teeth or have minor spacing issues.

As this treatment is used for minor malocclusions, it is not suitable for improving bite alignment (arches).  It is not suitable for perfectionists or for severely crowded teeth for where extractions are required. For these more severe cases, we recommend SureSmile and conventional braces.  However, Fast Track can produce a dramatic improvement in the aesthetics of the front teeth in a short time.

How much does Fast Track cost?

Fast track is a cheaper alternative to the more conventional treatments available. If our assessment reveals that you are a suitable candidate for the treatment, you can receive teeth straightening treatment faster and at a lower cost.

If you are looking to make small, but significant changes to your teeth – perhaps you have slightly irregular front teeth that have always bothered you in photos, or you just need a small tidy up, book a consultation to see if Fast Track is right for you.

Fast Track Brisbane

With Fast Track there is no compromise in quality – all treatments begin with a full consultation and diagnosis using our state of the art technology and are carried out by our specialist orthodontists. Now there is no reason to wait! Contact us at Greater Springfield Orthodontics to book your consultation today.

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